Thursday, September 12, 2013

Customized Installers Made Possible with Installerex

As a developer, it has been a constant challenge for me to develop applications, of course. But then, that is what I do so that is less than the actual challenge. The rise of installation platforms has really been such a great help and every developer out there couldn’t be more grateful that we have these platforms readily available now.

Before, we would have to code nonstop. Delivery of installers even take longer than a month because of the extra work we put into it. But, with the use of installation platforms, everything just became easier. We now can deliver in a week what we used to have delivered in a month. It’s a total win-win situation for the clients and the developers.

What’s challenging is how to develop customized installers. Thankfully, I found Installerex.

Installerex is an installation platform that specializes in helping developers create their own installers. Yes, this would mean, you get to have a say in how your installer looks like. You choose what screens display and what texts to put. The choice is yours. You can absolutely make it the coolest possible installer and be certain and proud to say that it is yours.

Aside from that, Installerex clearly had the developers’ welfares in its mind because they also help developers earn from their installers. They have developed this cash per click sort of system, that gets you money from every click or download of your installer.

Installerex happens to be good advertisers and extreme market agents. They ensure that you get higher successful installation rates possible because of their unique ways of marketing your installers.

To cut it short, Installerex provides all the hard work while helping you earn. How cool is that!
So if I were you, better get fast and connect with Installerex now.

Author: Jean Rex

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