Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Installerex --- The Complete Solution for Your Online Applications

 Installerex solves any application developers’ dilemma. It is a complete solution all on its own, providing the perfect platform from which application can be launched. At the same time, installers become fully customizable and flexible so that their customers are guaranteed to be satisfied. The full customization ensures that their customer requirements are met.

They also guarantee you of a higher successful installation rate, so that many users get to download and install your applications successfully. They offer a fully optimized solution that is guaranteed safe, secure, and stable. You wouldn’t have to worry about threats and viruses because Installerex is certified with the McAfee antivirus system. It is monitored and scanned daily to offer quality and security to its customers.

Installerex has a very stable system that you can rely on. They have a complete set of marketing tools that help advertise and market your applications into the global internet market. They allow you to add offers and quality advertisers to your installers so that you can better earn from your applications.

Installerex helps you earn from your applications. They can help you track the number of successful installation that your applications have had, from which country it was accessed, its conversion rates, and so many more. You can get a full account of your application’s performance with their smart and truly reliable reporting system.

Installerex provides you with everything you need to really get the best from your applications. With Installerex, you would never put a single effort to waste. You can even convert them into cash.

Author: Jean Rex


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