Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Installerex - It is a unique, smart and modern, cloud based installer.


Millions of users around the world access the Internet everyday. One of the most common things that they do online is downloads. They download music, movies, images and various applications. If you have a software, application or product that you would like to introduce to the market, the best and most convenient way to do this is online. Users can download your program and install this on their computer. There is no need to have CDs created for this. Installerex is a great option for marketing your products on the web.  

What is Installerex?

Installerex is a system created by Web Pick Internet Holdings Ltd. This company is composed by a team of hardworking and experienced online customer relations professionals and developers. They run network of sites that hosts thousands of installs everyday. Using Installerex, you will have an installer that is easy to download and install, making sure that your clients are able to use it. This system is pay per install (PPI) so you will only be paying on every successful install. This is more convenient as you will only be spending money if the installer is used.

What are the Features of Installerex?

Installerex offers several features that would benefit your business. The overall look of your installer will be customized depending on your needs including the products offered and the order on how you would like the installation windows to appear on your clients’ screen. It uses smart real time algorithm making it more convenient to monitor system reports. Installers are created to improve the speed of the installation process, as well as ensure the success of installation. With this, you can be certain that your products reach your target audience. Plus, since this is a PPI system, every dollar your spend will be worth it. Installerex gives you a detailed report that will help track the success of your marketing. This includes the number of successful installations, conversion rates, country, existency and more. Since this is cloud-based, real time data can be accessed anytime online. Changes on the installer can also be done immediately with its user friendly user interface. Its distribution channels can help improve your marketing as you can better target your customers base on their operating system, country, preferred content and browser. Adding offers from trusted advertisers and applications is also possible to earn more.

Is It Virus Free?

One of the most common concerns asked by those who are interested to try Installerex is if it is virus free. This system is absolutely virus free! Wrong information is being spread by other competitors who would like to bring this great system down. However, you can be assured that you will not only enjoy its amazing features but you and your users will be free from virus as it is protected by Norton, AVG and McAfee. Its page also has trust seals from SiteLock Secure and Trust Guard. Do not believe the rumors saying that it is infected by virus. It is a safe system that does not contain any malicious programs.     

Author: Jean Rex


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