Thursday, July 11, 2013

Installerex vs InstallCore

Application developers can now conveniently create their installers and easily make them available to the market with the use of platforms designed for this job. Two of the most popular platforms nowadays that you can use for creating an installer for your app are Installerex and InstallCore. But which platform is really the best? Get to know more about these two services so you can weigh your options.

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As mentioned, Installerex is one of the platforms that you can use for creating an installer for your application. It is easy to use so you should not have any problems with the process. But in case you encounter some issues, the company has a team of professionals that you can contact for assistance. You can customize your installer so it will appear exactly how you want your users to see it.

Installerex offers tools to let you reach your potential clients and effectively market your application. You can also promote other products or services on your installer for monetization. One of the common reasons why applications are not used by clients is because they fail to install. Some take time to download and install, causing the user to cancel the process. Installers from installerex have high success rate on installation, which is why developers can be assured that their users will be able to get their apps. Since this is a pay per install platform, you will only pay for every successful installation of your application, which is a fair deal. It also comes with reporting tools that you can use to easily check how well your installer is doing on the market.


Another option for creating an installer for your application is InstallCore. It hosts over 3 million install daily. The platform offers a user friendly software development kit or SDK, making it convenient for developers to create an installer that they can distribute on the web. Like Installerex, it also lets you monetize on your app by providing installers that have high success rate on installation and allows posting of advertisements. Some of the features that this platform provides are multilingual, JavaScript based, download accelerator for remote files and small stub. It also provides report so you can keep track of your installations.


Both platforms are good options for creating installers with high installation success rate. This is important to make sure that your application actually reaches your clients. Some installers fail to install preventing users from utilizing the app. This has a negative impact on the developer or the company. The two platforms also provide installers that have faster download and installation speed, which could also have an impact on the users. If download and installation take longer time to complete, this may cause the users to quit the process. There is a higher possibility that they will complete the said processes if they do not take much time. They also both allow customization and monetization, as well as monitoring of installation. However, if you want a service that lets you pay for only successful installation of your application, then Installerex could be the best option for you. This is a smart choice as you do not want to spend any cash if clients were not able to use your app. Another good thing about Installerex is that the site is protected by leading Internet security programs including AVG, Norton and McAfee, making sure that installers are safe for installation. It also has trust seals from ClickID, SiteLock and Trust Guard. Some users have difficulties accessing InstallCore since it is being blocked by other security programs like ESET for potentially unwanted content.

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