Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to Make Money with Installerex

We all come up with magnificent concepts every once in a while. The only trouble is, we lack the necessary skills to make them happen. Literally, we are unable to turn those ideas into reality because we lack the know-how in order to achieve then. In my case, I wanted to develop my own installer as I had downloadable products that I knew would benefit the open market. However, I had no idea on how I would be able to accomplish that goal. After some searching around the Internet, I landed on the Installerex website and they were perfect for what I needed to happen. 

Installerex: An Overview
From what I have gathered based on my research in the beginning, Installerex is a company which will help you develop installers for downloadable content that you already have. Whether you are using it for personal reasons or want to make money off it by selling your product online, Installerex will be able to assist you. They develop cloud-based installers which are all the rage these days, and that is what I had developed as well. 

Their Reputation
I am not one to just take somebody’s word and immediately believe what I read. I had to do my own research and what I learned about Installerex astonished me. They have a great reputation and the highest rate of successful installations for all their clients. Plus, they don’t make things seem too good to be true. While their services may be for free, they will of course charge you eventually for their services. This is done if you choose to have your installer sold to other interested buyers in the world. Installerex will only charge you for every successful install and that is a really good deal. In my case, I chose to sell the product developed from my idea and the Installerex team was more than willing to help me out.

What Installerex Helped me to Accomplish
Besides developing my ideas into something useful, Installerex also helped me make money off the installer I had developed. However, if you think that it would be a pain to do so, think again. When you want to sell the product, Installerex will do the work for you and market your installer to the whole world. All you have to do is sit back, relax and monitor the sales report which is accessible in their website. 

No Threat at All
I have heard a lot of negative words that were said about Installerex, which included virus threats and malware. I found that hard to believe right from the start because judging from the website alone, it is apparent that these guys are legit. The site contains not one, but three anti-virus protection seals to guarantee their visitors and potential clients that they are operating one purely professional level. You will see that the site is protected by AVG, Norton and McAfee anti-virus programs so there is no threat of malicious programs attacking your computer. Then when it comes to the product, I couldn’t be more happier with the results I got.

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