Friday, October 25, 2013

All You Need to Know About InstalleRex

For developers of applications or softwares, one of the best service providers in the market would be InstalleRex. Specializing in the monetization of applications or softwares, InstalleRex is a platform that aids in the installation of softwares and applications. Aside from installing them, it assists in the monetization of the distribution of any software and application.

 How does InstalleRex work?

 This web-based system helps generate earnings from downloads. With the system, those who publish or develop applications and softwares are able to earn from each download. A cloud-based platform, InstalleRex allows modifications to be able to suit the needs of different developers and publishers of various applications and softwares. It helps with monetization by engaging different advertisers to place their ads in websites where the applications and softwares are being searched for and downloaded from.

The target market of InstalleRex

 InstalleRex is perfect for those developers and publishers whose applications and softwares are free for download. These apps and softwares would include those used for mobile devices and for computers. As developers have no way of earning from free apps, one way they can earn would be through advertisements. As a lot of people download free software on a daily basis, each download will bring in some revenue to the one who developed such a software. The system is also perfect for developers and publishers who are just starting out or who have new softwares and apps to test in the market. With the network of InstalleRex, the new app or software will be able to reach out more potential users. By reaching a wider market, there is bigger chances of earning more. It also has a targeting system that zooms into the groups that are most likely to download certain apps.

 How reliable is InstalleRex?

 Being a full-fledged company, one can rest assured that InstalleRex is stable and reliable. With stable backup systems, they would still be able to make products available online even when other servers might be down. Aside from being reliable, the site is very secure as it undergoes regular scanning to ensure that there is no infiltration of malware and viruses. That way you are sure that your users will not be bombarded by any possible malware and virus.

 Is InstalleRex affordable?

 Despite the advanced system, any developer and publisher can be sure that they will get every penny they pay for back. They only charge for downloads and installations that have been successful. Should there be program and softwares that failed to download, these will not be charged. Because of this, this is a very cost-effective way of marketing your apps and softwares. The best thing is their sophisticated tracking system that notes all the installations and generates accurate data. For installation platforms, InstalleRex is definitely one way to go about. With their stable and reliable systems, one can feel assured that any of their apps and softwares will be well taken care of.

  Author: Jean Rex

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