Saturday, October 5, 2013


Great ideas are being generated every day. More often than not, most of these strokes of genius go to waste because action was not taken to turn into something real. Moreover, the opportunity to monetize from these ideas will have gone to waste because you just let the chance pass you by. The trouble with great ideas and people that have them is that what to do next is the hardest part of the process. The lack of information or the necessary skills to capitalize on an idea is what makes it go to waste.

The Next Big Thing

A lot of the ideas being generated these days have something to do with apps. Since the smart phone revolution, applications have been coming out left and right. To this day, there are thousands of apps that are made for various types of devices. Whether they are utility, social networking, business or gaming apps, hundreds of new applications are being churned out every single day. While a lot of them are noticeable and can prove to be useful, some are not really bothered with for a couple of reasons. First, the product is not good at all. This is where research is factored in. If you have a product that people do not need, then it won’t be quite as useful as you think it is. More importantly, the second reason is that a product is not distributed well so that it does not reach the right people who would want to download it.

Importance of Distribution

A big reason why applications that have been launched do not become popular is that they were not properly distributed to ensure that they reach their target audience. Even if you have a great product but it is not marketed well, you won’t see any returns on your investment. This is why proper channels must be used and distribution of your product must be taken care of so that everything you’ve worked so hard for won’t go to waste. In fact, when you look at some of the popular apps, a select few are really quite useless. However, since they were distributed well, they become popular downloadable applications. You should also take advantage of this and make sure that if you have an app or an idea for one, become partners with a company that is an expert on this particular field.


If you are serious and dead set in turning your idea for an application into something that you can benefit from and other people as well, then you need to partner up with a company such as
. What they can do is take your idea and turn it into an actual product that you can monetize from. Furthermore, the team will also be responsible for distributing the product across the globe and ensure that your product reaches its target market. You also do not need to pay them upfront as the company will only charge you for every successful download a user makes of your product. Many have already seen the turnaround success of their ideas by using Installerex to make their apps useable.

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