Saturday, June 15, 2013

Installerex - High Level Security installer

Companies nowadays rely heavily on the Internet to connect with their target audience. Online marketing is vital as people do not only go online for entertainment, they also use it for shopping and their business transactions. Those who need to purchase software or applications no longer go to the local store to purchase an installation disc as installers are available for download on the web. Companies that are planning to offer downloadable applications or programs on the Internet can create an installer by hiring a programmer. There are also applications that can be used for creating these installers. One of these applications is Installerex.

Installerex is a web-based platform for creating installers. Its user interface is uncomplicated making it easy even for non-pros to follow the steps in building an installer. It does not require any coding or programming, which benefits those who do not have the technical knowledge to manually do so. Once the installer is ready, it can be posted on the company’s website ready for the clients to download. Hiring a programmer for creating an installer is more costly than using Installerex, which is why I think the latter good option as it is PPI or pay per install. This means that the company will only pay for the successful installation made on their installer, which is reasonable enough.

The company is working closely with security companies in order to make the download and installation of their installers safe and secured .Installerex also working with the clients to make the best practice installer that will answer the both sides needs. Each installer created using Installerex has a digital signature from Comodo. This digital signature serves as the company’s ID. Comodo and Microsoft are the only two companies that provide digital signatures. Installers with digital signatures mean that they have high level of security so users can be sure that their systems are safe. The company’s server also has anti-virus installed checking all files ensuring that installers are free from any malicious files before going live.

Aside from the safety and security of the program, another important factor in an installer is the speed of download and installation, as well as its stability. Installers that are fast to download and install with high success rate on installation are more likely to have happy clients. I find installers from Installerex to have fast download speed, as well as installation. The success rate of the installation is also high, which I believe is beneficial for both the clients and the company. Clients will be able to use the application they need, which also helps the company to gain loyal customers. Another good feature that I found useful with Installerex is the option to pause the download or installation process. This is something that is not commonly offered on other installers. This is beneficial to users because they do not have to cancel the download or installation in case they need to attend to something important. This saves them time and effort as they can cancel anytime they are ready to continue the process.  


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