Sunday, June 23, 2013

Installerex --- Installer Platform with Digital Signatures

Software installer platforms have become a quite popular trend for software companies these days. Most software companies have elevated their status from being simple application developers to technologically concerned developers who clearly had in mind the best for application developers. Because of this, most software companies have migrated and are now leaning into application development platform companies.

These application development platforms usually only require a quick sign up from application developers, and the journey pushes through---application developers could now start building their application. But with the, now quite a few number, of application development platforms, how do you exactly choose which one you should sign up for? One pressing concern among application developers is the issue of security. Viruses might be containable, but online security, especially for their creations should be a must for the platform company.

Installerex, one of the more popular choices, provides a high level of security and is truly a proven professional company. Application developers need not be concerned about viruses and other potential threats because in the Installerex company server, there resides an antivirus that scans all the files and blocks malicious files before they even go live.  They are also certifies with the McAfee antivirus system, which is a renowned antivirus company.

Installerex has also been working closely with security companies to build the best practice in making installer downloading process fully safe and secure. To help achieve this goal, they provide each of their installers with a digital signature that comes from Comodo Digital Signatures. This digital signature is commonly identifiable with Comodo Digital Signatures’ company id.  As not too many of you probably know, there are only two companies that are certified to issue digital signatures, namely Microsoft and Comody Digital Signatures.

Installerex has truly taken a further step forward with their new level of security and protection. This clearly demonstrates how very well this company is dedicated in providing the best form of service to their valued customers.

Author: Jean Rex


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